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Educators and parents from around the world are all interested in providing the best possible educational experience for the young people in their care.  Our courses do just that! We provide innovative outdoor learning and nature-based education that meets the needs of young people in a rapidly changing world.

Today there is a rise in childhood obesity, mental health issues, and young people struggle to build a sense of place and community.  The evidence shows that giving young people the opportunity to discover, learn about and experience the natural world is hugely important.  Spending time in the outdoors is associated with higher levels of physical activity, better emotional, behavioural and cognitive outcomes and with children developing a greater sense of connectedness to nature.

As the global awareness for nature conservation and sustainability grows ever more prominent our trainings are at the fore front of innovative and relevant training for those working with children.

  • We take our time to co-design and deliver nature-based trainings  that are flexible, culturally appropriate, and provide high quality learning experiences.
  • We work in partnership with organisations that have a commitment to bringing positive change for young people and supporting their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Enhance your knowledge, skills and practice

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We are experts

We are recognised as experts at working with young people with challenging behaviour, mental health problems and those who are disadvantaged and socially excluded.

We adopt a ‘Forest School Ethos’, training people to facilitate creative, nature-based and therapeutic activities.

What we do?

We design and deliver our programmes working closely with a range of organisations to ensure that they meet real need effectively and safely, and using the best and most inspiring ways of learning.

We support parents and families to be able to understand and support family members by delivering highly successful family-based trainings where they can learn child development, play activities that take place outdoors.


New Services

Demand for outdoor learning and well-being programmes from schools and mental health services is on the increase.

We have created a wider range of new services for professionals who support families or young people


Meet some of our team

Marina Robb

Marina Robb is founder and Managing Director of Circle of Life Rediscovery CIC, a leading outdoor learning organisation, and of ‘Learning with Nature’, a must-have book for Forest School & Outdoor practitioners.

Kate Macairt

Kate Macairt is an experienced Play Therapist and Child Counsellor who has been working with children and young adults for over 10 years as Therapist and previously 15 years as Teacher.

Katie Scanlan

Katie Scanlan is the Operations Manager at Circle of Life Rediscovery. She is a qualified teacher, Forest School Leader and environmental science graduate.

Jennie Lamb

Jennie Lamb is an enthusiast for learning and development; her career path has provided numerous opportunities to develop training packages as well as delivering face to face training for staff and volunteers.