Certificate in Outdoor Learning, Creative Play and Forest School in South East Asia

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Circle of Life Training are working in partnership with education & environmental-based organisations in South East Asia. We have developed a ‘Pathway Programme’ to enable teachers, parents, social & youth workers to access inspiring, life-enhancing nature-based tools and skills. All our trainings are bespoke. Our lead facilitators are experienced in working with a range of ages and abilities, including challenging behaviour.

Our 3 Step Pathway

These courses aim to provide innovative and exciting training in and knowledge of the benefits both to emotional literacy and cognitive brain growth of utilising an outdoor classroom space.
Pathway 1Pathway 2Pathway 3
2 days
Attendance Certificate
2 days
Assistant trainer Certificate
5 days
Lead Facilitator Certificate
Experiential introduction to:

• Outdoor Learning
• Forest Skills
• Creative Play
• Child Development
• Neuroscience
Theory and Practice: application of skills in classroom or home.

• Reflective language
• Child-led activity
• Planning & evaluation
• Risk Assessment
• Child Development
• Neuroscience
• Nature pedagogy
• Role-play
• Leadership practice
• Creative play skills:
puppets, clay, story
• Forest Skills:
nature games, basic
tools, plants, animals
Certificate in Outdoor Learning, Creative play and Forest School.

• Nature Education
• Play
• Creativity & sensory
• Emotional Literacy
• Effective communication
• Managing difficult behaviours
• Health and safety
• Importance of risk
• Peer Learning
• Stewardship and nature management
• Key practical skills: tools, fire, shelters, cooking, foraging, crafts
• Key creative skills & using a therapeutic space: Attunement, non-verbal communication
Key Objective:

Introduction to direct benefits of hand-on nature-based learning.
Key Objective:

• To offer a leadership pathway to become assistant to current or future programmes.
• To provide skills and practice to apply in the classroom and home (the how to).
Key Objective:

• Consolidate Pathway 1 & 2 leading to qualification to lead groups in Nature, Play and Creative Learning

The Forest School Activities Online Training Course

Our Director Marina Robb has created a new online training. Marina wanted to offer a quality training resource that is accessible to a wider audience, who can't get to our woods in person! It includes over 100 training videos and resources with step by step instructions designed to inspire new ideas for both experienced and novice practitioners. Click on the image below to find out more: Forest School Activities Online Training Course